ibiza traffic driving on ibiza

ibiza traffic driving on ibiza
Traffic on Ibiza
8 Months a year road traffic on the island is very quiet, but in the summer months the roads of Ibiza are overcrowded and you can even get into a traffic jam.
New roads are being built during peak season, resulting in dangerous traffic situations for unfamiliar visitors.
On Ibiza your average speed has to be a lot lower than usual. Find useful information and tips to avoid car damage, or worse!
Keep in mind !!!
Facts of driving in Ibiza

* In Ibiza cars drive on the right side of the road.
* Ibiza has comprehensible road signs, similar to the European ones

Part of the Ibiza roads have excellent surface, the other part is in bad shape. - The ones leading to the most popular tourist attractions are the best and the others - bad roads covered with potholes -, lead to places or beaches situated more remote.
* Road crossing pedestrians always have priority on Ibiza!

Not all roads of Ibiza are lit up at night, so take good care in the dark !!
- Sudden diversions or road blocks are easily overlooked at night and may cause life-threatening situations.

Ibiza knows strict driving and drinking laws !!
The police patrols in unmarked cars and during the Summer Season they create roadblocks with check-ups on roads leading out of the clubbing areas.
- Are you planning to enjoy an evening in Ibiza's nightlife visiting Ibiza bars and/or clubs? Always make sure not to drink when driving! Reckless driving behavior of islanders, and holiday makers, already caused a lot of collisions with unprepared tourists.
Finding a parking place for the car nearby the most popular attractions, or in Ibiza Town, could really make your patience wear thin.
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